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Our Maud Powell is a 60-minute documentary on the life of one of America's greatest violin pioneers.


Born in Peru, Illinois in 1867, Maud's life parallels many of the great cultural changes of the time.


As a child prodigy, Maud challenged the international assumptions about American musicians. She studied with the great European violin masters: Henry Schradieck, Charles Dancla, and Joseph Joachim.

A woman in a man's world, she brought a new vitality to classical music and opened the stage for women. She is described as having "the arm of a man, the heart of a woman, and the head of an artist."


Over her 30-year career, she premiered 15 violin concertos in the U.S. and championed the works of women and African-American composers. Not only a master of the recital stage, she spent her life educating the nation, playing in small towns all across the country. 

Documentary features interviews with violin virtuoso Rachel Barton Pine, biographer Karen Shaffer,
CSO archivist Frank Villella and LaSalle County musician Michael Pecherek.

DVD's are available for $20.00 + s/h.
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