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Over 20 years of production experience


Teaching Radio Production in Haiti

Teaching in Cap Haiten, Haiti.  2015

photo courtesy of Ron Haris, Media Alliance

During my time at Moody Radio in Chicago, I produced more than 350 short features (7 to 8 minutes) for Prime Time America program--heard on 330 stations across the Moody Radio Network.  Currently, I am a freelance producer with The World and Everything in It, a division of World Media.


I have also had the privilege of producing a number of long-format documentaries as well as live events, including concerts and special programs.

I graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in with a B.A. in Communications and from Northern Illinois University with a M.A. in Communications with a focus on Historical Documentary Filmmaking.


My thesis was a 1-hour documentary entitled: SAVE THEM! THE LIFE OF PAUL RADER which won Best Documentary at the 2003 WYSIWYG Film Festival and received a “Commendation for Artistic Filmmaking” from the Golden Gate Film Festival 2003.


I was employed by the Moody Bible Institute for almost two decades. During that time I was involved in both radio production for Moody Radio and classroom instruction for the MBI Communications Department.


"Paul Butler is a first-rate feature producer!  His stories are clear and reasoned, and always maintain a healthy balance between guest and interviewer.” 

– Greg Wheatley, Host of Moody Radio’s PRIME TIME AMERICA program

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